Our Shop in Kirkoswald

There has been a village shop in Kirkoswald for as long as locals can remember. From 7 stores at the beginning of the 1900’s, the current shop is now the only remaining store, serving locals and visitors. Not only does it provide essential food and household goods but it is also a vibrant community hub offering a lifeline to locals and is a focal point for our rural community.

During the pandemic, the shop has been open 7 days a week (apart from the first lockdown when government restrictions were in place) and has been the only source of provisions when the village has been cut off in floods.

In recent history, the shop closed its doors in 2009 only to be rescued in 2010 by a local philanthropist, David Hodgkiss. He set up, with the help of a Manager and numerous volunteers, the present Ravenbridge Stores. Sadly, David died last March in the first Covid-19 wave, and the shop was put up for sale.

A Steering Group was set up in September 2020 to incorporate a Community Benefit Society and campaign to save our local shop. After a successful campaign, raising over £200,000 in just 7 weeks, the shop was purchased by the Community Benefit Society.

The Community Benefit Society

 The Community Benefit Society (CBS) was established to purchase and run the shop as a Community Business. It is a unique organisation which is owned, managed and staffed by members of the community. The community has invested in the CBS through purchasing shares.

Each shareholder has one vote at the Annual General Meeting of the Society.

The CBS follows the model rules recommended by the Plunkett Foundation (Society rules).

The initial Management Committee of the CBS is Ruth Anderson (Chair), Paul Mills (Secretary) and Alan Volkers (Treasurer). Biographies of each Committee member are included in the Business Plan. The Committee will be elected at each Annual General Meeting.

Rules and Business Plan

Download society rules (PDF)

Download business plan (PDF)


Village People


We cycle from Scotby this way frequently. We enjoy stopping for a cup of the excellent shop coffee before we head for home.


I first came to the shop as a small child as it had the first TV in the village. As children we used to come and sit on a wooden bench in the shop to watch the children’s matinees on the TV – a real treat. I still come and shop for my 5 a day here.


I have been using this shop for over 70 years, it is absolutely essential to keep it open!

Our Supporters

Thank you to all our supporters who have helped our campaign raise over £200,000 in just 7 weeks. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Our share offer is now closed but we welcome donations to support the ongoing running of the shop.

Head to our DONATE page to find out more.